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October - November Blog

Hi everyone,

It's October 27 and I've been a busy bee for a few months, so I haven't written a newsletter for a while. Anyway, here's goes nothing.

First of all, let's get the bad news behind us. My friend and fellow musician, who's played and sung on most of my solo albums and co-written some of my best songs, George Hawkins Jr., passed away yesterday. He'd been fighting lymphoma and, as far as we all knew, he was winning. I spoke with my friend and George's playing partner for years, Tris Imboden, and he mentioned that George came down with a bronchial thing that seemed to turn his prognosis around. It all just seemed to cave in over the last few weeks. I don't know the exact details, but I know with cancer, no matter what your chances, it's always 50-50. You either win or lose with it. I've had too much of the "C" word for a while, but my wishes don't count. Cancer took out my son, Brad, damn near got me, and now George. It's no fun and it's far from an academic thing; it's very personal. Anyway, kind of a bad day for that.

Hey, Wunderground is playing at Bogies in Westlake on Nov 15, and we're hoping that our friends will come out and hear us perform a lotta' cool music, including some of the songs I've been known for. Also, if you're into checking out almost all Chicago songs, I will be with Dan Seraphine's CTA, which includes Dan Seraphine, Marc Bonilla, Travis Davis, Ed Roth, and Tony Grant, the next night at Agoura's CanyonClub. Something for everyone.

The Wunderground band includes me and Tamara Champlin, Gary Falcone, Burleigh Drummond, Mary Harris, and Bill Bodine. Burleigh and Mary are also members of Ambrosia. We've been rehearsing that band a lot and you should check it out. Wunderground is also playing January 9 at Belly Up, a great nightclub south of LA, closer to San Diego. I've never played there, but I hear it's very comfortable and a great place to play.

If you haven't gotten the Wunderground album, "Bleeding Secrets", I highly recommend it. Great listening. Go to: and we'll send one out. A friend got it, called me and said the first song had him driving 85mph in a 40mph zone. Hmmmm, dangerous??? Well, not really.

We're working on new material all the time, so there will be a follow up LP or EP, yeah Bill.....LP.....EP. Anyway, the album is also available on CD Baby, but we'll get it to you quicker, I think.

We're looking at some NorCal gigs, but so far nothing has materialized. I hope to see ya' soon.

Be good, Bill

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