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1978: Single (Full Moon / Epic Records)


"What Good Is Love" Harry Garfield/Jay Graydon/Bill Champlin
"I Don't Want You Anymore" Bill Champlin/David Foster
"We Both Tried" Bill Champlin/David Foster
"Yo' Mama" Bill Champlin
"Fly with Me" Bill Champlin
"Love Is Forever" Bill Champlin   
"Careless" Bill Champlin/B.J. Cook/David Foster
"Elayne" Bill Champlin/Ed Whiting
"Keys to the Kingdom"Bill Champlin/David Foster

1981: Runaway (Elektra)

"Runaway" Bill Champlin/Steve Lukather
"One Way Ticket" Bill Champlin/George Sopuch
"Sara" Bill Champlin/Alan Thicke

"Tonight Tonight" Bill Champlin/David Foster

"Runaway Reprise" Bill Champlin/David Foster
"Take It Uptown" Bill Champlin/Kenny Loggins
"Satisfaction" Bill Champlin/Richard Page
"Stop Knockin' on My Door" Bill Champlin
"Gotta Get Back to Love" Kerry Hatch/Tom Kelly
"Without You"Bill Champlin/Amber DiLena
"The Fool Is All Alone" Bill Champlin/David Foster

1990: No Wasted Moments (Elektra)


"Lovers Tonight"  
"No Wasted Moments"   
"Sticky Situation"
"Before You Go"   
"The City"

all written by Bill Champlin & Joey Carbone


1992: Burn Down The Night (Emotion)

"Highest Stakes" Bill Champlin/Greg Mathieson

"The Thunder" Bill Champlin

"For Less Than a Song" Bill Champlin/Greg Mathieson

"Headed for the Top" Bill Champlin/Greg Mathieson

"When Love Comes Around" Bill Champlin/Randy Nayfack

"Still Worth Saving" Bill Champlin/Bruce Gaitsch

"Same Old Song"  Bill Champlin

"In Love Too Long" Bill Champlin/Bruce Gaitsch

"First and Last" Bill Champlin/Greg Mathieson

"Fly by the Light" Bill Champlin/Tamara Champlin

1994: Through It All (Turnip The Music Group)


"I Must Have Been a Fool" Bill Champlin/Dennis Matkosky
"Turn Your Love Around" Bill Champlin/Jay Graydon/Steve Lukather
"Just to Be Loved" Bill Champlin/Greg Mathieson
"Proud of Our Bllindness" Bill Champlin/Dennis Matkosky
"Come on In" Bill Champlin/Bruce Gaitsch
"Sound of the Rain" Bill Champlin

"Through It All" Bill Champlin/Gardner Cole
"In the Heat of the Night" Alan Bergman/Marilyn Bergman/Quincy

"Little Sister" Bill Champlin
"Light Up the Candles" Bill Champlin

1995: He Started to Sing (Turnip Music Group)


"He Started to Sing" Bill Champlin/Bruce Gaitsch/Janey Clewer

"Love Is Gonna Find You" Bill Champlin/Greg Mathieson  (duet with

      Tamara Champlin)

"It's About Time" Andreas Carlson/Bill Champlin

"Party Time in D.C."Bill Champlin/Greg Mathieson

"Love Comes and Goes" Bill Champlin/Greg Mathieson

"Sex Thang" Bill Champlin/Greg Mathieson

"Southern Serenade" Bill Champlin/Tamara Champlin (duet with

     Tamara Champlin)

"One Love at a Time" Bill Champlin/Janey Clewer/Bruce Gaitsch
"God Sent Angels" Bill Champlin/Tamara Champlin
"Someone Else" Bill Champlin/Tamara Champlin

1996:  Mayday - LIVE (Champlin Records)


"Party Time In D. C."   
"Lovers Tonight"   
"Take It Uptown"  feat Tom Saviano on Sax
"Southern Serenade"  duet with Tamara Champlin
"Backstreets Of Paradise"   feat Tamara Champlin lead vocals
Organ Solo / "In The Heat Of The Night"   
"Headed For The Top"   
"Another Day" / "Song For My Grandfather"  
"After The Love Is Gone" (Foster, Graydon, Champlin)
"First And Last"   
Bass Solo   
"Gold Mine"   
Drum Solo   

2008: No Place Left To Fall (DreamMakers Music)

"Total Control" Bill Champlin/Jay Graydon
"Tuggin' on Your Sleeve" Bill Champlin/Michael Caruso/Will Champlin

     (performed by Bill, Will & Tamara Champlin)
"The Truth" Bill Champlin/Bruce Gaitsch
"No Place Left to Fall" Bill Champlin/Michael Caruso/Tamara Champlin
"Lover Like That" Bill Champlin
"Lookin' for You" Bill Champlin/Dennis Matkosky

"Never Been Afraid" Andreas Carlsson/Bill Champlin (duet with Michael


"Angelina"  Bill Champlin/Bruce Gaitsch/George Hawkins Jr
"Look Away" Diane Warren
"I Want You to Stay" Bruce Gaitsch/Billy Bennett
"Never Let Go" Andreas Carlsson/Bill Champlin
"Stone Cold Hollywood" Bill Champlin (duet with Jerry Lopez)
"All Along" Bill Champlin/Bruce Gaitsch

2015:  Champlin Williams Friestedt (AOR Heaven)


"Runaway" Bill Champlin/Peter Friestedt/Robert Säll    
"Aria" Peter Friestedt/Randy Goodrum/Jon-Willy Rydningen    
"Still Around" Peter Friestedt/Randy Goodrum/Ingemar Åberg    
"All That I Want" Peter Friestedt/Stian Joneid/Jon-Willy Rydningen    
"Carry On" Peter Friestedt/Janne Peltoniemi
"Nightfly" Anna Alerstredt/B. Champlin/P Friestedt/S. Gunnarsson/J. Lindberg    
"After the Love Has Gone" Bill Champlin/David Foster/Jay Graydon    
"Two Hearts at War" Marc Beeson/Will Champlin    
"Rivers of Fear" Bill Champlin/Will Champlin    
"Evermore"  Bill Champlin/Randy Goodrum

2018:  Bleeding Secrets - Bill Champlin's WunderGround

(WunderGround Records) tracks:

"Man VS Machine" Champlin/Falcone/Champlin

"The Only Way Down" Champlin/Falcone/Champlin

"Love Knows" Champlin

"Dreaming of Chagall" Champlin/Caruso/Champlin

"Imaginary Friend" Champlin/Falcone/Champlin

"They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To" Champlin/Carlsson

"Fireships" Champlin/Falcone/Champlin

"Evangeline" Champlin/Falcone/Champlin

"You're Gonna Love Someone" Champlin/Champlin

"Genius" Champlin

"Light Up The Night" Champlin/Falcone/Champlin

"Bleeding Secrets" Champlin/Falcone/Champlin/Hertz/Cortez

"Limbo" Champlin/Falcone/Champlin

2020:   Champlin Williams Friestedt II (CWFII)

(Black Lodge Records)  tracks:

"Runaway Dancer"  B. Champlin/Robert Sall/P. Friestedt/T. Champlin
"10 Miles" P. Friestedt/R. Goodrum
"Love In The World"  B. Champlin/T. Champlin/Stefan Gunnarsson/P. Friestedt
"Amanda’s Disguise"(New Mix) P. Friestedt/R. Goodrum/Janne Peltoniemi
"Between The Lines" Bill Champlin/Michael Caruso/Will C. Champlin
"Look Away" Diane Warren
"All That I Want" (Remix) Peter Friestedt/Jon-Willy Rydningen/Stian Joneid
"Restless Love" B. Champlin/R. Goodrum
'Price Of Love" Tamara Champlin/Jack Ponti/Vic Pepe
"Sometimes You Win" Randy Goodrum/Jay Graydon

2021: Livin' For Love (Imagen Records)  tracks:

"Reason to Believe" B Champlin/T Champlin/B Gaitsch

"Especially Me" B Champlin/G Mathieson

"Livin' For Love" B Champlin

"Show Me" B Champlin/Jason Scheff

"Another Lie" B Champlin

"Hey" B Champlin/T Champlin/G Falcone

"Alone" B Champlin

"Love Lives On" B Champlin/T Champlin/G Falcone

"Losin' Ground" B Champlin/G Mathieson

"A Stevie Song" B Champlin

"Too Good For Too Long" B Champlin/A Carlsson

"Love Has No Heart" M Caruso/B Champlin/T Champlin

"The Truth Has Begun" B Champlin/G Mathieson

"My Time" B Champlin

Bonus Tracks:

"Slave to the Medicine" B Champlin/T Champlin/G Falcone

"A Force We Can't Fight" B Champlin/T Champlin/G Falcone


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