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Christmas Greeting from the Sons

Hey, everyone. It's that time of year, again. Seems like Christmas comes every few weeks instead of once a year. Maybe it's just that as you get older time goes by a lot faster than it used to. Remember when we were kids on summer vacation? Seems like the 3 months lasted forever. I actually started missing school about 2 months in. Of course I never said that to anyone, but time moved a lot slower back in "The Day".

Anyway, I just thought it would be cool to wish everyone who's followed the Sons over the years a Merry Christmas and I hope we all have a Swingin' 2020. Also, a reminder that the gig in Merced that was originally supposed to happen in early December has been rescheduled for April 25, 2020. We're gonna' put a few gigs on either side of it but, for the moment, let's focus on the Merced gig. Hey, it's the "Gateway to Yosemite", or they've always said that. Anyway, should be a fun thing. I'll let you know the other gigs as they're solid; sometimes it takes a while to "Lock 'Em In".

As far as news goes, there's nothin' unusual going on except I'm writing a lotta' new stuff and doing demos in my studio. "Studio" may be giving the room more credit than it deserves. I've been calling it a "Workstation", although I rarely use the "W" word, lazy old guy that I am. My son, Will, has his Ableton set up on one side of the Workstation (guest house), and my Pro Tools rig on the other side. Even when I'm working he can go in and work with headphones and vice versa. Kinda' fun putting together new music. I know a lotta' people who don't wanna' hear anything but what they've already heard, hence "Tribute Bands". I just like to write new stuff and watch it grow. I'm funny that way.

Just a quick political note. There's a new California law that's supposed to begin in 2020, which doesn't allow "Independent Contract Labor". I think the law, AB-5 if I remember correctly, was aimed at Uber and Lyft, but somehow has made it really hard for anyone in the music business, at whatever success level they're at, to hire players for live shows, recordings, etc. The final consequence of it may be that all the band leaders will be unable to hire musicians for any level of work-- recordings, live gigs, almost anything. It'll be devastating to all of us. We'll all be moving outta' California if this thing remains in place. Final result: no music in CA that isn't just tapes that one guy records and sings along with. Anyway, if you like live music give your State Congressperson a shout about AB-5. This stuff isn't about Dems vs. the GOP; it's about what it'll do to music in California. All discos would play music that was recorded elsewhere. OUCH!!!!! For Additional Information & Petition view link @

Anyway, I just wanted to touch base with you all 'cause, well, you’re Family. Merry Christmas from me, Tamara, all the Sons of Champlin and Bill Champlin & Wunderground. We love you, see ya' in 2020!

Be good, Bill

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