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            Hi, this is Bill Champlin and I'd like to welcome you to I'm hoping everyone visiting is healthy, happy, and looking for some cool music and all things Champlin. We're gearing up for my new album's release: LIVIN' FOR LOVE, Digitally on Imagen Records and mail order here at Tamara Champlin has kept the online shop supplied with CD's, Mask's, Fandana's, (sounds like an Italian Alto Player), but that's another story.  


         We're trying, a little bit at a time, to update the website and it seems like it's always changing. Anyway, the new album, "Livin' For Love" is getting good notice from everyone who hears it. I think maybe my best solo album to date. There are 14 really great songs on it that I think Sons' Fans, BC solo album fans, Chicago fans, at least fans of the David Foster era and the Bill & Jason era. I actually put a Bill and Jason Scheff duet on the album and I think a lotta' our fans will be pretty happy. 


         I read this somewhere: "If it isn't personal, it isn't art", I took it to heart and I made sure you can "Feel the Personal" on this collection. It's been a good while since my last solo album and I hadn't planned on making one but I had just written the song "Livin' for Love" and Tamara came in and heard it and said, "Bill, ya' gotta' make a new solo album! It's time." Hard to say no to that. Anyway, Tamara and Gary Falcone and I have some co-written things and I got back with my old writing partners: Greg Mathieson and Bruce Gaitsch and Andreas Carlsson and came up with some really good things. I wrote a handful by myself and I think the mix and sequence of the album works really well. The album is being released after Jan 1, 2021 and I hope you guys get it. The CD cover art is by my favorite artist: Vladimir Kush, and it is totally beautiful. 


         I know 2021 will probably have more new album releases than newborn babies 9 months after the New York blackout. Covid 19 put a lot of really great musicians to work at their home studios. Can't go out and play live and recorded music is where we'll all create like we've all learned to do over the years. I managed to get major musicians to work on this record. I'll list some of the names here: 

Greg Mathieson 

Abraham Laboriel 

Tal Morris 

Marc Russo 

Carmen Grillo 

Steve Porcaro 

Gary Falcone 

Tamara Champlin 

Andreas Carlsson 

Lenny Castro 

Alan Hertz 

Gorden Campbell 

George Hawkins Jr 

Vinnie Colaiuta

Will Champlin 


       I'm sure I've forgotten a few names but, well, you get the idea. Anyway, enough of this album stuff. There's lot's of available things at the store and we'll try to add more pictures to the gallery page and maybe even more videos to the video collection. Please wander around and have a ball.  


Be safe 

Be good 

Be Baaaaaad, Bill  

Los Angeles Dec 2, 20202020 

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