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I've seen McCartney at Folsom Field in Boulder, Steely Dan at Red Rocks, Joe Walsh in Telluride and the Grateful Dead also in Telluride. All great musicians putting on great shows. But hands down, the best live outdoor sound I have ever heard was the Sons of Champlin a couple of weeks ago at the Marin County Fair. Absolutely inspiring, I had tears in my eyes during some songs! The guitar interplay between Terry and Tal (and Bill too, no guitar slouch himself) was mesmerizing. Goeff's vibe chops were just off the charts! Tamara sang a song I'd never heard before and now it's my favorite of hers, and what a voice! At a time when a lot of singer's voices are showing their age, Bill is singing as strong as he did decades ago. The bass and drums were laying down a groove that must have made it easy for everyone to play their best. And the horns? Well in the words of an old friend of mine (that he would utter whenever a band was kicking big time) T-I-T TIGHT!! Thanks guys for one of the best shows ever! Well worth a drive from Colorado! by Gary Watkins 

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