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November Note from Bill

Hey everyone,

Last email had 2020 - oops! Not there yet. This is me, Bill, I think.....I should know this; I got a letter just this morning. OK, enough.

Hey, I don't think I've written anything since the Labor Day barbecue at Rancho Nicasio. I don't know about you guys, but I just love that gig, great food, pretty damn good weather, and great friends. It's more like a high school reunion for me; I get to talk to people I haven't seen for years, or at least since the last Labor Day gig. The band was kickin' and everyone seemed to be having a ball; Terry Haggerty sat in on one or two and that's always a kick in the butt. Damn!!!! Heeeee Beeeee Baaaaad! A really good Sons' gig! We all owe Bob Brown and Angela a nod for being great hosts for those barbecues. They are just good old-fashioned fun.So, we had a gig booked for Dec 7 in Merced but, for numerous reasons, it had to be postponed until late April. We're looking to book some gigs around that time, so we can get a 2 to 4 gig "run". It’s always cool to play one after another; the band just gets better every night. The Sons haven't been doing a lotta' extensive touring, mostly "drive" gigs around the Bay Area or Sacramento (basically NorCal). We're hoping that's what happens in April.

For any of you guys who will be in SoCal on Nov 24, Wunderground, my other band, will be playing at a club in Westlake called Bogie's. It's part of Westlake Inn, and just about everyone down here is playing pretty regularly. Carmen Grillo did one 1.5 months ago that Tamara and I went to. He's what we've always called "Reeeeeeeeeeeediculous" (a compliment). He's an amazing singer and one of the most under- rated guitarists in music. His rhythm playing is always groovin’ and his leads just kill. Then the guy opens his mouth and sings......OUCH!!!! He’s one of the best and has been playing with the Sons for maybe 10 years. The three of us (Carmen, Tamara and I) tear up the Sons' songs vocally; we were never known for our ensemble vocals. It was just Jimmy and I for years but, with Carmen and Tamara in the band, the singing is really something. We've sung together on sessions for years, and we know just what kinda' "English" we can put on the ball together without even thinkin' about it. With Michael Oliver mixing, out front you can really hear what we're up to.

Still in the studio a lot these days and coming up with very cool stuff. Maybe a new Sons' album could happen down the line. The stuff I'm mostly working on is for Wunderground's 2nd album. If you don’t have the first album, it's available here on our "Shop" Page. Tamara kinda' keeps her eye on all that stuff. I was just talking to Gary Falcone, guitarist/singer with Wunderground, and we decided that if I were good at merchandising or marketing I'd never be in the studio; I don't even know my own address. Thank God Tamara does. Anyway, check out "Bleeding Secrets", it's really some cool music. Tamara, Gary Falcone and I wrote and sang it all really well. Anyway, back to the studio for more; damn, I love new music. I hope the fires didn't hurt any of you this time, a lotta' friends lost their homes in the "Tick" fire down here, just heart breaking.Well, back to work, or as a punch line says, Coffee Break's Over, Now Back on Your Heads.Love You All, Bill

Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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