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Hello everyone! It’s been awhile since I checked in over here. Got some news about stuff that we’ve done and some news about what’s coming up. The Sons have been on a long 2018 break, but we’re doing the Labor Day barbecue at Rancho Nicasio this year on Monday, Sept. 3. Go to the Rancho Nisasio website and I’m sure you can reserve tickets there. It’s been sold out every year for quite a few years, so get on it soon. Me, Tamara, Carmen and Alan are gonna’ drive up a few days before for rehearsals, and I can guarantee there’s gonna’ be some very loud laughing on the way. Alan and Carmen are the very funniest ever, so look forward to a fun hang on Labor Day. It’s always the coolest way to say goodbye to the summer and hello to the fall-- a Marin thing for sure.Since we last talked my new band “Bill Champlin and Wunderground”, played at Rancho for a regular nighttime gig and we had a ball. This new album is getting great reviews every time someone hears it. A friend said, “I played the first song in the car and caught myself driving 85 in a 40 mph speed zone.” Hmmm, dangerous?? Anyway, to get the album we’ve got a mail order thing that you can use, or wait ‘til Rancho in Sept., ‘cause we’ll be bringing copies for sale. If you wanna’ hear it before then, go to and we’ll get it happening. It’s one of those albums that grows on you big time. I haven’t done an album for a long time and this one got my attention. I put on my producer hat and got into it. Great guests on the record: George Hawkins Jr, Kelly Keagy, Joe and Steve Porcaro, Will Champlin….very cool music. Kinda’ rockin’. A lotta’ people have said, “Bill, shouldn’t you be doing very sparse “Adult Music” albums at this point in your life?” Answer: NO. I like to rock. How ‘bout you?

Wunderground is playing a gig at “The Canyon” in Santa Clarita on July 13 and we’re looking forward to that. New club, great stage, great PA….what’s not to love? Check out their website for the actual address. Tamara and I went over to Norway and Sweden to do a few gigs with Peter Friestedt and some of his monster players. A few days into rehearsal Tamara’s Mom passed in Houston. So, after 3 gigs she had to go home to be with family, and I finished out the gigs. We all miss Kanarr a lot. She was an amazing woman who had a big life. I came home after those gigs and we’re rehearsing; the music sounds good. For some reason I’m singing really well, considering how much travelling I’m doing. Anyway, check out any one of these gigs just to remind yourself that good music is still out there. I know a bunch of people who don’t like a lotta’ what’s going on musically these days so come out and hear something besides tribute bands. I actually like a lotta’ what’s out there these days, but it’s only ‘cause Tamara taps me on the shoulder and says, “Here’s a good song!” Then I listen and have to agree most of the time. So, we’re looking at July 13 in Santa Clarita and Sept 3 in Marin. See ya’ there. Get the new album--guaranteed cool music. And finally, be good, bill champlin

Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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