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January 2019 Update

Well, It's January of 2019 and it seems that music is still running the show. The Sons' are doing a concert on May 24 at the Crest Theater in Sacramento with Lydia Pense and Cold Blood. What's not to love about THAT package?? The last time we played with Lydia and the guys was actually at the Crest and both bands were on fire. We didn't do a lotta' Sons' gigs last year so we're chomping at the bit and looking for a few more to do around the same time. Might get one or two and then again, we might not; the nature of the beast. We had a ball playing at Rancho Nicasio last year and we're hoping to do it again but I think a few more Sons' gigs than that may be in the cards. Fingers are crossed.

Bill Champlin & Wunderground (photo by Craig Carreno)

Tamara and I have been writing some more songs for the next Wunderground CD, which may happen in about a year; we just hafta' put together another 5 or 6 songs. We've done a few Wunderground gigs around LA and San Diego and we had a great time playing the tunes from the new CD. Tamara, Gary, and I have put together a cool band which also includes Burleigh Drummond, drums, and Mary Harris, keys and vocals, from Ambrosia, and Bill Bodine on bass. Ambrosia does a lotta' gigs out there and, if you see them playing close to you, you should go check it out. They're really great musicians and very cool songs.

BTW, we just lost another Sons' alumni. Steve Madaio, from Stevie Wonder's band, and a million other things. He passed a few days ago, He had subbed for Mic Gillette when we did a few gigs and were cutting "Hip Li'l' Dreams". Steve played on "Maybe" and I think one other song and, as usual, was just great. Now both he and Mic are gone. Steve also played for one of my solo albums' better songs: "Love is Gonna' Find You" with Tom Saviano, Brandon Fields, Gary Grant, and, I think David Boruff. Great T-Sav chart that still stands. A month ago we lost one of my favorite bass players, (along with David Schallock), George Hawkins, Jr. That one caught me by surprise. He had just played on a few Wunderground songs and was doing really well fighting Lymphoma and suddenly took a turn. Gonna' miss all these great friends.

At this point there are various recording projects, here and in Nashville, that I've played and sung on but I'll have to keep them under my hat 'til it's release time. Different projects, different levels of "Finished". Some just starting and some already to go. In the meantime CTA is playing here and there, including a 5 day cruise in the Bahamas, yeah, a little sunshine in the middle of a pretty cold winter. Tamara will be going with me and we're looking forward to having some fun on the boat and wherever we stop. Never did a cruise before. We've got a few Wunderground things coming up at Bogies, in Westlake, including a private affair with Pablo Cruise to benefit victims and 1st responders at that Nightclub shooting in Thousand Oaks right before this year's fires started up. It should be fun to hang with the guys in Pablo Cruise, old friends and great guys. Then we'll be doing a few more Bogies gigs at the beginning of summer. Tamara will post the actual dates.

If you haven't caught Wunderground or heard the "Bleeding Secrets" album you're missing some way cool music. Check it out @ Anyway, lots of love from us to you and we're hoping that you all have a safe, warm, and really fun 2019. Be good, bill champlin

Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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