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Bill Champlin & WunderGround @ bogies

Hey, This is Bill Champlin. We were looking to do a Wunderground gig at Bogie's in Westlake and we were kinda' waiting on 101 being open etc to see if we're gonna' go ahead and play. Well, we're gonna' go ahead and play.

I know the area has had a ton of craziness with the shooting and the fire but I'll bet some cool new music may even heal things. Our friends in Las Vegas, Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns, always refer to their Monday shows as "Monday Night Healing". I think a good night of music would do just that.

Come on out for a Thursday Night Healing. The band is Gary Falcone, Tamara and Bill Champlin, Burleigh G Drummond, Mary Harris and Bill Bodine. Cya' at Bogies at the Westlake Village Inn Thursday night. tickets available @

Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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