Since 2010 I have been doing occasional tours in Scandinavia and one small tour in Japan. I hooked up with Bobby Kimball and various other singers, and did a few “Formerly Of” gigs with really good bands and 3 or 4 singers doing their hits. I usually hop in with the band and play behind Bobby and others on their tunes. Hey, I’m there; might as well play. I’ve been involved with a guitarist from Sweden, Peter Friestedt, and Joseph Williams, Toto’s current lead singer. We released a DVD of a live tour we did in 2012. We’re also expecting a CD of new songs to be released in the next 4 or 5 months.

We spent a few months watching our son, Will, move up through the ranks of NBC’s, “The Voice”, to the finals. That was exciting to watch as a member of the audience and to see him grow by leaps and bounds as a performer. He’s been a monster player/singer/writer/producer, and these few months of TV performances really changed how he presents his songs. He’s a full-fledged performer at this point, in a great music career. It’s fun to see it all happening.

The Sons did a gig in Marin with Terry Haggerty and Doug Rowan sitting in with the band. Alan Hertz was Jim Preston’s replacement on drums. People really loved the concert, and it was fun to play with Hag again after quite a few years. The Sons just keep on cooking, so if you hear of anything nearby you should go catch the band. It’s always very cool, because people in the audience re-connect with old friends and the vibe is always fun. It’s not about the constant, “You watch us perform and we’ll play AT you” thing; it’s more like “Here we all are, so let’s have fun.” We were raised with that vibe happening, and I can’t imagine any other way of doing it. See ya’ there.

I have also put together a band here in Southern California that I use for Corporate Events and other kinds of concerts. The band is packed with major players who totally get what I’m about musically. We’re looking to do some places around the Southern California area. The Sons do Sons tunes, and this band does some of my hits and some really cool songs from my solo albums. Keep an eye open for my band. It’ll probably just be billed as “Bill Champlin Band”, and will be a whole other thing.

Tamara and I have found ourselves writing a lot of new music, mostly because a lot of family health issues seem to have righted themselves. There’s talk of some of it being released, or at least showing up in movies or TV. It’s a strange industry these days, but music just has a way of being produced no matter what’s happening in the “Marketplace”. Anyway, I can’t seem to stop new music from happening, and we just don’t want it to.

All in all, everything is pretty cool here at the Champlins.

Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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